So I have been quiet lately, as the last 5 months have been quite the trip.

5 months. 15 hospital visits. 8 prescriptions. 4 hospital admissions. 2 sets of x-rays. Countless blood draws & ekgs. Endless ER visits & doctor appointments. I’ve been overlooked, dehumanized, humiliated, broken, bruised, & bloodied, but it’s all worth it to have our precious baby girl.

And that’s just for me! It doesn’t include the appointments for the kids, or having to go in to sort insurance & the like. As you can imagine, being sick has left me with little time or energy for blogging. I have recently entered the hypo phase of the illness, so while I don’t feel good, I do feel better. Of course, it comes with another set of symptoms, a change in medication, and a different diet, but I will save all that for another post. I’ve now made it to one full month without having to go to the hospital, aside for blood draws. WHOOHOO!

I hope that you are having a happy & healthy 2020!

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