Earlier this month I somehow managed to cut my finger pretty badly in the car, and of course I didn’t have a bandage or anything handy! When I got home and patched myself up, I decided I needed to get a first aid kit to keep in the car or diaper bag.

I needed something portable, in a hard case, with all the essentials, but also lightweight- God knows juggling a diaper bag & heavy baby seat is hard enough without adding extra pounds! Luckily, I found the perfect solution!

Sumpri Mini First Aid Kit

The great case contains Burn Gel Pack, Alcohol Pads, Sting Relief Pads, Antiseptic Cleaning Wipes, Iodine Wipes, Multiple sizes of Bandages, Tweezers, Scissors, Emergency Whistle, 3X Gauze, PBT Bandage, Silicone Tourniquet, and more- totalling 80 pieces!

My favorite part of the kit is the clip- I can hook it in my diaper bag with my keys & not have to root around in a dark, stuffed bag for it!
You can snag yours here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TC7B26G

I received this item at a reduced price to facilitate this blog review, the opinions stated above are my own. 

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