Hyperthyroid Diet

It took seeing 5 doctors since the diagnosis and me asking multiple times to be told I really need to stop eating high iodine foods. This is something I should have been told the very first night I went to the ER & was hospitalized!

Foods I should no longer eat due to the iodine content-

Egg yolks, dairy of any kind

baked turkey breast, organ meats, meats injected with salt water or broth

iodized/sea/himalayan salt,

seafood (including kelp), tuna or cod

prunes, bananas, strawberries, cape cod cranberries, goji berries

Lima beans, black eyed peas,

potatoes, peas, canned corn

apple juice, Raisin Bran cereal, white bread

red Dye #3, erythrosine, carrageen…

I also must avoid ground meats because they may be tainted with thyroid.

No gluten either because a large percentage of people suffering from hyperthyroidism also have Celiac disease.

And because hyperthyroidism causes crazy anxiety I also have to avoid chocolate, coffee, & other sources of caffeine.

Hopefully I never need to add something to this list because I’m running out of stuff I can eat! 

Foods I should eat because they suppress thyroid function-

Cruciferous vegetables, soy, grapefruit, flaxseed 

It’s very restrictive & expensive diet but even after just a few days I am feeling better so it’s working!


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and nothing on this blog should ever be taken in place of professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor first.